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Hollenberg Lab

The focus of Dr. Anthony Hollenberg’s laboratory is the molecular action of thyroid hormones. Dr. Hollenberg was among the first to identify that thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) neurons in the hypothalamus serve as integrators of metabolic input, setting thyroid hormone levels within the context of body weight. He was also among the first to identify the role of specific co-repressors in negative regulation by the thyroid, helping to establish the idea that hormone sensitivity is due to the quantity of co-repressors present. Dr. Hollenberg has had an independent research laboratory since 1993 and with continuous funding from the NIH since 1995. Recently, the Hollenberg Laboratory has begun a new program investigating the development of functioning thyroid follicular cells from embryonic stem cells.

Current grants

Dr. Hollenberg has had an independent research laboratory since 1993. His research has received continuous funding from the NIH since 1995. The Hollenberg Lab remains focused on the hormonal regulation of metabolism with a particular emphasis on the role of thyroid hormone.

Recent publications

The Hollenberg Lab has been home to landmark papers that have illuminated our understanding of thyroid gland development, as well as the possibilities for regenerative medicine. Breakthrough research from the Hollenberg Lab is published in the peer-reviewed journals.

Meet the team

Dr. Hollenberg has led a laboratory focused on thyroid hormone action for more than 20 years and has mentored numerous predoctoral and postdoctoral research fellows. Researchers and trainees in the Hollenberg Lab are known for their superb expertise and collaborative approach.